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Outlook for 2014 in the Electronic Components Industry

Posted by Components Direct Marketing Team

An article authored by EVP of Marketing Anne Ting recently appeared in ECN Online. In it, Anne outlines several of the trends we are predicting in electronic components distribution in 2014, such as:

• Increased confidence in the Internet - For components manufacturers and their authorized distributors, the Internet has allowed them to expand their reach globally, while at the same time driving down costs as more and more buyers begin to accept e-commerce platforms. We expect this trend to continue in 2014 as the Internet, especially for hard to find obsolete and end-of-life parts.

• Opportunities and challenges from diverse markets - Players up and down the supply chain – from manufacturers to distributors to service providers – are rethinking their business strategies in order to stay flexible and differentiate to capture developing market growth in Asia and Latin America.

• New battlefronts in the war on counterfeits and the gray market, with increased regulatory activity in markets outside the US.

Read the full article here to learn more about our predictions and add your opinion to the discussion.


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